My Newest Games: Multiplayer Space Shooter

Work together with others to destroy the enemy

- up to 4 player per room
- up to 300 level
- Enemy get stronger every 3 level and give more money
- mini boss at every 10 level
- reach 100 meter to win the level
- chat with others within the game

Get it free at Apple Appstore

Get it free at Google Play Store

or play it free at kongregate web games

My new games: Zombie Spitter

You need to spit zombie virus to infect the target and the world, buy business and upgrade to make more money, reset game to gain soul for extra bonus, game will auto generate money base on your cash per second(CPS) generated from the business even if you offline, earn achievement to double or triple your income








My new games: Billionaire Curse

Ok, So I publish my new games: Billionaire Curse

Gameplay: You are a billionaire curse by a witch, you must spend all your 1 billion dollar in 10 days or you will die

there are 10 place for you to spend money

publish in iphone IOS


My new upcoming games “life as a billionaire”

Published by admin on November 4th, 2014 - in Uncategorized

Okay, so my new upcoming games is “life as a billionaire” a point and click adventure games, below is some screenshot


but due to I am travelling long period of time this month, so you can only expect this games to be completed during December (hopefully)

My New Game: Programmer 9-5 Day job

Hello, after many years, I came back to create new game again,

The new game I created is Programmer 9-5 day job


You are a low level programmer stuck in a 9-5 day job, you have to work your way up in the corporate ladder until level 10 the CEO, then you can purchased the company stock and become the owner of the company

Click work to begin working and slowly upgrade your skill, check the stat and competition and make sure you are the top on the “DAY OFPROMOTION” to get promoted to the next level


CLick the link below to get it on the itune apple appstore


Trying to build a cloth shopping menu

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So today I try to build a cloth shopping menu


I am very sorry for missing for 2 years

Published by admin on January 26th, 2013 - in Uncategorized

I got very lazy but my passion for building games is still there, I still have my full time job, so building games is just a part time hobby.


I will get back into it and will try to build better game for everyone to play

Learning to build 3D games – Pushing ball and cube around

Published by admin on January 26th, 2013 - in 3D game

So here you can control a guy to pushing the ball and cube around


Learning to build 3D game – Crossing bridge game

Published by admin on January 26th, 2013 - in 3D game

So here is the crossing bridge game

Learning to build 3D games- Bunny Game

Published by admin on January 26th, 2013 - in 3D game

So here is the bunny game

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