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Fishy Fishy Lite Version 1.5

Published by admin on May 19th, 2009 - in Android Games

Hi, after putting up my game to the market, i got tons and tons of negative comment,

“Bad graphics, bad controls, bad game, and the infamous question, which fish is mine?!?!”
“Controls so bad i want to punch myself”
“Where the hell is my fish at”
“Control is sooo bad. Also to many big fish at the start.”

so the Version 1.5 fix included
1. Major upgrade to graphics
2. Fix fish out of screen problem
3. Add ability to turn accererometer on and off
4. Make sure 3 small fish available at any given time


So the next step is to think of how to make the game better for future released

Future improvement:
1. Add music and sound
2. Add more type of fish
3. Make bigger tank that expand across multiple screen

anyway, thanks to everyone who play my games, see you all next time

Introducing Fishy fishy lite(my first game for Android)

Published by admin on May 16th, 2009 - in Android Games

Hi, I have finish coding a very simple game known as fishy fishy lite, you can get it in the android market,

How to play:

move around the red fish using your trackball, eat smaller fish to grow bigger and try to avoid bigger fish, grow until very big to win the game

I welcome any comment or suggestion, Thanks for playing my game

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