Monthly Archives: June 2009

Fish Hatch Lite Launch

Hi guys, after another weeks of hard work, I came out with this game known as fish hatch, the goal of the game is to try to win the game by hatching the egg in the correct order. Currently there are only 4 egg available so there are 4x3x2x1 = 24 possible ending with only… Read More »

Fish Farmer Full Version is selling here

Hi guys, at first i was selling my app in but a lot of complain saying it is very hard to buy. That leave me no choice but to sell my app using my own website instead Note that I cannot setup google checkout merchant account yet because it is for US citizen only,… Read More »

Fish Farmer launch

Hi guys, after week of very hard work, I managed to complete a game known as “Fish Farmer”, where your goal is to grow fish starting from egg and sell for money. manage your money well and you can win the game in no time I cant setup google merchant account yet because that is… Read More »