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Fish Guardian Launch

Published by admin on July 12th, 2009 - in Android Games

Hi guys, after months of very hard work(again), I manage to release a game known as “Fish Guardian” , where your goal is to survive each level for 60 seconds. You can press on top of the screen to drop spike ball to damage enemy and press on bottom of the screen to pop heal bubble. You can buy up to 4 fish and equip them with up to 6 weapon, you can also increase their life and armor so that they can better survive. Progress will be saved every 5 level.

Maybe you have notice that graphics have been improved, that is because my friend Nicholas decided to help me draw the fish, he also help me find some sound and music.

You can buy the full version here

full version will feature 40 level with 4 boss on each 10 level

Thanks for playing


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