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Can you make big money in android market?

Published by admin on October 14th, 2009 - in Android Market

Can you make big money in android market selling your app?

The answer is no at the moment

As at today 15 October , year 2009, the android market is not selling that much compare to iphone

see the link below

A good example is the well known game Trism, which sold over $250,000 in it’s first two months on the iPhone. On Android it has sold, to date, less than 500 copies

Let us compare some number between Android vs Iphone

Android have around 3 millionsuser while Iphone have around 45 millions user

If your app can reach top 100 in Iphone, you are definitely a millionaire

In android however, the top 1 app sold 30k copies while the rank 10 app only sold 5000 copies, rank 20 app sold 3000 copies while rank 30 app sold 2000 copies, which is not a lot of money if your goal is to become a millionaire.

see the detail here

Maybe you are curious how am I doing selling my games? well, I can say I make less than $100 a month, with over 100 hours of programming spending each month.

In conclusion, should you market your app to the android?

Well, in my honest opinion, you need to have patient, maybe a year or two, keep on improving your skill and maybe, just maybe 2-3 years later, with estimated 20-50 million android user by the year 2012, you can make it big.

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