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By | October 4, 2010

Hi guys, after thinking for over 6 months, I have finally decided I want to build a pet game where user can breed rabbit for fun

Upcoming games features


1. Player can breed up to 1000 kind of rabbit

let say i have 10 colour, 10 pattern, 10 colour pattern so the combination is 1000 kind of rabbit

of course i will add more and let player to breed up to 10000 kind of rabbit

2. player can bring rabbit to play and find new rabbit to breed

how does the breeding formula work?

red  fur black eye


blue  fur yellow stripe


red fur black eye
red fur yellow eye
red fur black stripe
red fur yellow stripe
blue fur black eye
blue fur yellow eye
blue fur black stripe
blue fur yellow stripe

meaning any two kind of rabbit can breed up to 8 different combination of baby rabbit

3. player can of course level up, collect rabbit to gain more experience and money and also can buy a hell lot of stuff for their rabbit, this is still in alpha stage, please stay tune or email me for suggestion


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