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My new games: Zombie Spitter

You need to spit zombie virus to infect the target and the world, buy business and upgrade to make more money, reset game to gain soul for extra bonus, game will auto generate money base on your cash per second(CPS) generated from the business even if you offline, earn achievement to double or triple your… Read More »

My new games: Billionaire Curse

Ok, So I publish my new games: Billionaire Curse Gameplay: You are a billionaire curse by a witch, you must spend all your 1 billion dollar in 10 days or you will die there are 10 place for you to spend money publish in iphone IOS  

Can you make big money in android market?

Can you make big money in android market selling your app? The answer is no at the moment As at today 15 October , year 2009, the android market is not selling that much compare to iphone see the link below A good example is the well known game Trism, which sold over $250,000… Read More »