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My Newest Games: Multiplayer Space Shooter

Work together with others to destroy the enemy

- up to 4 player per room
- up to 300 level
- Enemy get stronger every 3 level and give more money
- mini boss at every 10 level
- reach 100 meter to win the level
- chat with others within the game

Get it free at Apple Appstore

Get it free at Google Play Store

or play it free at kongregate web games

My new games: Zombie Spitter

You need to spit zombie virus to infect the target and the world, buy business and upgrade to make more money, reset game to gain soul for extra bonus, game will auto generate money base on your cash per second(CPS) generated from the business even if you offline, earn achievement to double or triple your income








My new games: Billionaire Curse

Ok, So I publish my new games: Billionaire Curse

Gameplay: You are a billionaire curse by a witch, you must spend all your 1 billion dollar in 10 days or you will die

there are 10 place for you to spend money

publish in iphone IOS


My New Game: Programmer 9-5 Day job

Hello, after many years, I came back to create new game again,

The new game I created is Programmer 9-5 day job


You are a low level programmer stuck in a 9-5 day job, you have to work your way up in the corporate ladder until level 10 the CEO, then you can purchased the company stock and become the owner of the company

Click work to begin working and slowly upgrade your skill, check the stat and competition and make sure you are the top on the “DAY OFPROMOTION” to get promoted to the next level


CLick the link below to get it on the itune apple appstore


Rabbit Maniac Version 1.04

Published by admin on January 13th, 2011 - in Android Games

Hi guys, i have added 8 new rabbit pattern into the game making the total combination up to 12 x 28 x 12 = 4032 different kind of rabbit


Rabbit Maniac Launch

Published by admin on January 1st, 2011 - in Android Games

Hi guys, after 3 months of super super hardwork, I finally finished the rabbit maniac game where user breed rabbit to level up and fun

yeah, currently only 2880 different kind of combination and not much mini game but i will add more mini game if i can think of something

anyway, please enjoy and have fun

search for rabbit maniac on android market


Rabbit Game Update – story after 2 months

Published by admin on November 27th, 2010 - in Android Games

Wow, 2 months have passes and I still haven finish my rabbit game, it take way longer than i expected, I am working hard on it but at least it is now 70% done

with this game, currently there are 20 type of rabbit pattern, 12 kind of fur colour, 12 kind of pattern colour so total combination is 20 x 12 x 12 = 2880

meaning at this point you can collect up to 2880 type of different rabbit,

activity user can do


1. run the rabbit around the wild , eating carrot and breed with other rabbit

2. slowly grow the rabbit and breed more , sell for money, level up at the same time

3. collect certain type of rabbit to get award

4. buy certain type of rabbit to breed



just stay tune, and sorry for the user that waiting for update on slot maniac, once the rabbit game is doen i will get back to it

Upcoming games, Rabbit Games

Published by admin on October 4th, 2010 - in Android Games

Hi guys, after thinking for over 6 months, I have finally decided I want to build a pet game where user can breed rabbit for fun

Upcoming games features


1. Player can breed up to 1000 kind of rabbit

let say i have 10 colour, 10 pattern, 10 colour pattern so the combination is 1000 kind of rabbit

of course i will add more and let player to breed up to 10000 kind of rabbit

2. player can bring rabbit to play and find new rabbit to breed

how does the breeding formula work?

red  fur black eye


blue  fur yellow stripe


red fur black eye
red fur yellow eye
red fur black stripe
red fur yellow stripe
blue fur black eye
blue fur yellow eye
blue fur black stripe
blue fur yellow stripe

meaning any two kind of rabbit can breed up to 8 different combination of baby rabbit

3. player can of course level up, collect rabbit to gain more experience and money and also can buy a hell lot of stuff for their rabbit, this is still in alpha stage, please stay tune or email me for suggestion


Slot Maniac Version 1.73

Published by admin on September 12th, 2010 - in Android Games

Hi Guys,

I have recently added roulette machine and also sicbo machine to the game so the total machine now is 14, please enjoy

I am trying very hard to think of new game besides of slot maniac but my brain stuck I simply dunno what kinda game can be fun for more than 5 minutes

anyway, please enjoy and do let me know if you have any idea


Slot Maniac Version 1.68

Published by admin on August 8th, 2010 - in Android Games

Hi guys, sorry for the long time no update, I was getting lazy and been doing nothing for few months, but I decided to add in new slot machine this week, the mini game will let you shoot down alien, each alien you shoot down will give you whatever amount you bet, please enjoy


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