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My new upcoming games “life as a billionaire”

Published by admin on November 4th, 2014 - in Uncategorized

Okay, so my new upcoming games is “life as a billionaire” a point and click adventure games, below is some screenshot


but due to I am travelling long period of time this month, so you can only expect this games to be completed during December (hopefully)

Trying to build a cloth shopping menu

Published by admin on February 11th, 2013 - in Uncategorized

So today I try to build a cloth shopping menu


I am very sorry for missing for 2 years

Published by admin on January 26th, 2013 - in Uncategorized

I got very lazy but my passion for building games is still there, I still have my full time job, so building games is just a part time hobby.


I will get back into it and will try to build better game for everyone to play

Slot Maniac version 1.33

Published by admin on April 16th, 2010 - in Uncategorized

Hi guys, long time no post, anyway, recently I added in the horse racing machine to the slot maniac, as well as keno and bingo, to make the slot maniac more fun. However, I removed the bingo due to the mathematical calculation that i cannot figured out yet. Anyway, please enjoy the game

Tips for how to increase your daily coin:

Original default daily coin = 300

the first thing you should do is to collect all the prize to increase your daily coin to 4800(300+600+1200+2400), then you should start collecting gems from the slot machine that will increase your daily coin by 2x,3x,4x,5x,6x

so the maximum daily coin you can get is 4800 x 6 = 28800 coin per day

I will introduce more feature to the game, stay tune



Hello world!

Published by admin on February 10th, 2009 - in Uncategorized

Hello World, my name is Freddy, you can call me Fun Durian Fred, I worked as a programmer and during my free time, I would like to code some simple game, anyway, please enjoy the game, and if you have any suggestion, can just send to my email fundurian @ yahoo . com

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